About unblocked is a good game about airplanes, in which players can show off their piloting skills while fighting one another in the same arena. You become a pilot controlling an airplane around in the skies to aim and shoot down all enemy airplanes before they are able to deal damage to you. On your way, make sure you gather gems to power up your plane and earn yourself more upgrades. Once your plane has been improved, you will find it easier to take on opponents. Do not let them dish out damage to you. Receiving damage from your opponents is not a good thing at all as it will cause your game to be over. So, always keep your plane well protected, survive all dangers, rack up kills and grow your points until you get to the top! Jump into free online right now to present your skills to other worldwide friends! Wish you luck!

How To Play

Move your airplane using the mouse, and use the left mouse to speed up.

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