CELLX unblocked is an Agario-inspired io game online where everybody is dressed as a little cell spawning in a huge map and getting ready to fight one another. Among games with Agar.io concept, this one will definitely keep you engaged for hours. You have to create an army for yourself and make it larger gradually. At first, your army is not strong enough to kill enemies, so you have to wander around the map to gather more cells to make the army larger. As soon as you have reached a good size, your army will receive more power and you can be ready for the fight. Try your hardest to destroy the opponents, stop them from taking your cells, kill them as fast as possible before they do the same to you. You must develop your army until it becomes the largest one in the entire arena. Play CELLX free online to present your skills!

How To Play

Use the mouse to direct the movement of your cell and to build cells for your army, press keys 1-9.

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