About is a platformer survival game like Minecraft. You are going to build up a large world and turn it into a beautiful kingdom filled with stunning constructions. To create these buildings, you must gather some basic materials then use them to make a base first. After that, the resources, such as wood, stones, etc., will be used for building other structures. Besides building places for your kingdom, you also have to pay attention to your surroundings as there will be wicked mobs trying to kill you. Quickly throw stones at them before they have a chance to harm you. Watch out for your hunger bar as you are doing the mission. If it is running out, you must fill it up again by eating some collected food. This will heal yourself quickly, and you can continue your adventure. The goal of Cubeeio unblocked is to become the best adventurer! Are you ready? Give it a shot now!

How To Play

Perform the movement using WASD, press key 1 to utilize a sword, key 2 to throw stones to kill the mobs, eat food using key 3 and make a block using key 4.

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