In a zombie survival game called unblocked, you have to present your surviving skill through a lot of challenges. There are may zombies coming to kill you, therefore, it’s better to have some strategies and skills ready to cope with them. You must roam the map searching for some weapons and equipment. Arm yourself with them carefully to dish out damage to the zombies before they have a chance to kill you. The zombies are unable to run, but they can move fast, so you must shoot them before they get to your place. You are provided with a special ability which is getting into the stealth mode to jump on the zombies. Use this to your advantage! Pay close attention to your surroundings since the zombies will approach more as you progress further into the game. Your goal in free is to survive until the end of the battle! Much fun!

How To Play

Use WASD or arrow keys for the movement. Use key Shift to roll, key C t crouch, spacebar to jump, the mouse for aiming and shooting. Press keys 1-5 to switch weapons, key E to perform an action, key Enter to chat, key Tab to open the leaderboard, key P to pause the game and key L to turn on/off the mouse.

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