About Drednot.io

Drednot.io unblocked is not a simple battleship style game to master. To defeat all enemies, you have to prepare a lot of good skills with great strategies. In Drednot.io game, your mission here is to build up a big ship and arm it with a lot of weapons and armor then set sail into the seas to fight against enemies. You have to make sure that your ship has enough strength to deal with all enemy attacks. If you turn it into a fast destroyer, you will be able to shoot down all enemies in a short time. With a wide range of guns you add to the ship, make use of them to dish out more damage. Also, you can even craft new materials with more advanced weapons then start using them for a better chance of surviving. Remember, everything will be over if your ship takes damage. Do whatever it takes to protect it and survive until the end of combat.

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How To Play

Perform the movement or climb a ladder using WASD. Use the spacebar to jump or leave a ladder. Use the left mouse to interact with objects, the right mouse to use an item, press Q to drop an item, the mouse wheel scroll to zoom, C for a fast zoom, Enter for chatting, and Tab for the scoreboard.

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