– A Free Mobile Game For You Mobile App has made its arrival to the App Store and Google Play, so now the mobile users can totally download the game for free. It was made and released by Junglee Games, and the game focuses on an underwater adventure where players play as hostile fish trying to get rid of each other.  You have to swim around the ocean to absorb a lot of food for your size, or you can go eat smaller fish to get larger quickly. Make sure you stay away from the bigger fish, or else you will get eaten. also features a lot of amazing awards, new fish bowls, fish tanks and others. Download then enjoy the game!

In-game features game consists of several amazing features that make the game more exciting and thrilling to play:

  • An action game with Multiplayer element
  • Pretty and magnificent ocean theme as well as amazing animated fishes.
  • A lot of food to eat
  • A lot of daily games to join. Players also can unlock legendary and great rewards.
  • Gain XP, specific new skins, and make badges in daily games.
  • Various touch controls, you can use the virtual joystick or tap your screen to move around.
  • Get to the top of the leaderboard to defeat the rivals and obtain rare fish bowls.
  • Ask, and invite your friends to play the game, battle against them to obtain more presents and shells.
  • If you connect to Facebook or Game Center, you can join a lot of free games with your friends.
  • You can get a lot of rare tanks, a lot of gold and others from Daily Shops and Promotions.
  • You can use your shells to unlock brand new fish bowls and fish tanks.

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