Your main mission in free game is to accumulate the largest amount of water possible to win! You will compete against opponents worldwide in online – an awesome browser io game free for all. Everybody has to put their skills into collecting water using a unique pond system. You must roam the map picking some resources first, which is water. The more water you have, the better it is. Then, you will make some water pumps to accumulate the water. Bear in mind that you have to use the ponds smartly since they are very limited in use. If one pond is drained, you can move to the next one for more water. Watch out for the opponents that are trying to attack your base or get your water. Use your good strategies to defeat them all and you can attempt to destroy their bases. Think you can outwit all other players to become the winner?

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How To Play

Use WASD to move, click the right mouse to position a building or do an action. Use the right mouse on the pipe icon for rotating it, and use the arrow keys to use the tool shortcut.

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