About hole.io

Play Hole.io PC free online now! Similar to Hole.io Mobile app game, the PC version also lets you play as a hungry hole that is able to devour everything standing in its way while moving through a huge city. You are going to have a new experience with this io Hole game that is free to play in browsers. Since you are a small black hole that can eat objects, you must absorb all the buildings, streetlights, people and anything around you to grow your size. The more you eat, the bigger you are. Once you have become a big hole, feel free to absorb the opponent holes to grow your mass even more. Just make sure you will not get eaten by the larger holes, or else the game will be over. Your rank will move up higher every time you increase your size. The main objective of Hole.io unblocked is to reach the top of the leaderboard. Much fun!

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How To Play

You can use the mouse to direct the movement of your black hole.

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