About is probably a tough shooting game when it pits online players against each other in a hard battle full of challenges. With classic graphics a wide range of weapons, together with awesome features, Kill Streak game will be a good choice for the fans of shooting games. Your main mission here is to roam the map hunting enemies and attempt to kill them all. Make sure you rack up as many kills as possible to grow your score on the leaderboard. However, you still need to protect yourself during the course of the fight even though you have earned many kills. It will be a game over for you immediately if you get shot by rivals. Be careful when you explore new areas on the map and always have your strategies ready to cope with enemies. In Killstreak io, you must remain alive until you are the last one standing on the ground to win the match.

How To Play

Move around the map using WASD or arrow keys. Use the left mouse to fire, and zoom with the right mouse or spacebar.

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