About Lordz.io

Lordz.io online in browser is a fighting game about ancient lords competing against each other to seek out dominance. When the battle kicks off, a lone lord like you must move around the map carefully trying to pick up a lot of gold coins dispersed on the map. Once you have earned a number of coins for yourself, use them to summon a wide range of units, such as soldiers, knights, archers, barbarians, and dragons. You should control your units strategically and let them help you kill enemies. As you progress, your army needs to be upgraded to make your units much stronger so they can cope with tougher opponent lords. More than that, you must make sure your population will be grown and put some defensive towers around your kingdom to keep it safe from the enemy shots. You will become the winner lord once you have eliminated all enemies. Now, let’s play Lordz.io in full-screen mode to express your skills!

How To Play

Use the mouse to move your lord, build a house with the E key, a tower with R key. Use the T/Y/U/I/O keys to call for soldiers, knights, archers, barbarians, and dragons. Use the spacebar to divide your army.

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