About Pikes.io

Pikes.io Brutal Squad unblocked takes to a huge arena packed with enemies. You must get ready to fight against them and kill them all using your given pike. Other players are also equipped with pikes, they will never skip any chances to attack you. Therefore, when you make your way through the map, try your hardest to kill any rivals standing in your way, and at the same time, you should gather many colored squares dispersed on the floor in order to increase the size and strength of your weapon. Once you have powered it up like that, you will be able to take on tough opponents then slay them without much effort. The more enemies you kill, the higher the score you will have. But if you come in contact with the enemy spikes, you will meet a sticky end instantly. Try to stay alive until you hit the top of the leaderboard. Play Pikes.io free online!

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How To Play

Direct the movement of your character using the mouse, and press the spacebar or click the left mouse to speed up.

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