About unblocked opens up vicious monster battles for players to come and fight one another. In game, you are dressed as a monster and must work with other friends as a team to fight off all other tough monsters that are around the map. The whole game is set in a big tower! When you progress deeper into it, more monsters will come out trying to kill you. To protect your life, you must quickly use your weapons and good items to destroy all of them. If you are in a tough situation, join forces with your allies then support each other to overcome it. You’d better watch out for your surroundings and always have your strategies ready so you can get through the dangers. Don’t forget to level up as well as keep your weapons upgraded for more strength. Think you can become the best monster in online with the best score on the leaderboard?

How To Play

Move your monster around the map using WASD, use the left mouse or arrow key to fire. Use a skill by pressing Q/E and 1-4.

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