About SLIME .LOL unblocked is actually a fun team-based sports io game online. At first, you may think this is the game about slimes! But no, don’t get fooled by the title! online is not about the literal slime, but all about awesome sports games, like volleyball, soccer, and hoops simulator. You will join one on one in a game of those sports and you must compete against many rivals from around the world. They are willing to knock you out of the league! You should quickly perform excellent sports skills during the match, like dodging power hit, penalty kick, and more. Also, with a power shot given to you, use it to perform faster strikes and shots. You can even surprise your enemies using the power shot too. Don’t forget to use your strategies to outplay other players and score against them all for a chance of winning. Are you ready to play free game? Enjoy it!

How To Play

Navigate your character using arrow keys or WASD. Use the spacebar to jump, use Shift for power shot and use the number keys 1-4 for emote (need to have face equipt)

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