Squadd Royale

About Squadd Royale

Play Squadd Royale free online to perform your fighting ability now. In Squadd Royale unblocked, you are going to get through an epic battle in which you are forced to finish off your opponents using a lot of powerful weapons and equipment you have found on the ground. After landing on the ground, you need to quickly find supplies then arm yourself with them to deal damage to any rivals standing in your way. Be careful with the areas around you, always stay on guard because you can be a target of someone else and he will not miss any chances to kill you. It is very important to defend yourself from enemy attacks if you want to win. Also, you must watch over the safe zone that shrinks in size through over time. You are fighting for the top championship on the leaderboard. Join Squadd Royale game now then see if you can become the winner of the fight! Much fun

How To Play

Move around the map using arrow keys or WASD. Click the left mouse to fire, the right mouse for the emoticon list, E to switch weapons or go into a vehicle, F to use the health kit, M to use the map and R to reload your weapons.

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