What is Eatme.io?

When you bump into larger sharks while you’re still smaller than them, you need to make a great escape from them as fast as possible. To do so, you have to split yourself into multiple smaller fish or get behind stun bombs.

Eatme.io game contains various kinds of fishes for you to select. You can play as ones that are equipped with powers and many special abilities. Also, you can try to get evolved into new stronger creatures when you reach a higher level. Are you ready to enjoy this underwater party? Download and jump into the game right now!

Similar to other IO games, Eatme.io also features leaderboard showing the players with the great scores. You need to try to get to the top spot on the leaderboard, gain more badges, and let everyone know your best abilities! Also, if you finish the deals given by the third party plugins from Tapjoy, you will be able to get a lot of free shells. However, this will need an allowance to gain entry to your device storage.

How to play Eatme.io

The controls in Eatme.io are kind of simple. There are two ways to move your fish around. You can tap on the screen to interact with the fish, or utilize the virtual Joystick for the movements.

What is Eatme.io?

Eatme.io is a great game for mobile devices that can be downloaded for now, and sadly, it isn’t available for PC users yet, but you can enjoy it on your little smartphones. This is a kind of IO game opening an epic and amazing underwater adventure for you to explore. The game follows the similar concept to Feeding Frenzy which used to be a famous PC game back then.

Eatme.io – An Amazing Mobile App by Junglee Games

In Eatme.io, you will spawn as a tiny fish that is able to freely swim around the arena to eat up smaller fish while trying to protect yourself from being eaten by them. You must stay focus on consuming them until you become the most dangerous predator of all, which makes everyone fear you. There is only one rule in the game, and it’s all about eating or being eaten. Keep this rule in your mind during the combat and stick with it to succeed in the game. Besides the old yet amazing gameplay mechanics, the game also features a lot of treasures. You should go discover all of them, gain a lot of gold coins so that your power is truly boosted.

Eatme.io – A Free Online Game

Eatme.io has made a debut in the App Store and Play Store on the mobile devices, but still, you can hope that it will make its arrival to browsers on PCs, which is just similar to other browser-based IO games. It must be very fun and fantastic to enjoy the game on a big screen. You can sit in front of your computer playing the game for hours. The game on the large screen will surely bring you more experiences. For a PC version, Eatme.io will still remain its own features, and there are no alterations for the new version.

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