YORG.io 3

About YORG.io 3

YORG.io unblocked brings you tougher challenges with crazier battles to conquer. After experiencing the first two chapters in YORG.io game series, you should come back to this third installment to hone your skills more. YORG io 3 pits you against more zombies that are coming to your base just to kill you. Make sure you quickly destroy them all for your survival. You have to place mines and factories for supply chains that will produce a lot of ammo for your defensive towers. With the help of the towers, the zombies will take massive damage from you, which prevents them from reaching your place. Make sure all the towers and facilities that you are currently managing will be upgraded through over time for more strength. The waves of zombies will get harder as you reach further stages of the game. The main goal here is to survive all of them and become the winner!

How To Play

Use the mouse to place mines, towers and interact with other objects in the game.

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